Like most foreign cuisine in the United States, there’s a disconnect between how the food is usually eaten traditionally and how it is eaten by Americans; sushi is no exception!

In today’s blog we’re going to talk about sushi rolls that Americans absolutely adore. We chose some rolls that every sushi lover should try at least once. Then we took it up a notch and found popular options off the beaten path that will turn your title from a sushi amateur to a sushi connoisseur. Let’s get started!

Rolls Americans Love

There is something all four of these rolls have in common: avocado! It’s safe to say, most American sushi fans are also big fans of nature’s healthiest fat. Wrapped in delicious rice and seaweed, let’s start with four rolls that are perfect for all ages.

  1. Classic – this roll is easy and scrumptious, especially for those out there that aren’t quite too sure about the whole “eating raw fish” deal. The refreshing taste of cucumber, avocado, and tuna together make for a taste bud-pleasing combination!
  2. California – a tried and true favorite among children and adults alike, the cucumber and avocado and crab roll has become a staple for Americans when they think of sushi.
  3. Eel & Avocado – the idea of eating eel and nori might sound scary at first, but after trying it, it’s easy to taste why most people love this roll so much.
  4. Dragon – not to be forgotten, this roll combines the best of both worlds in your mouth. Any roll with crab, eel, cucumber, avocado, and rice is more than alright in our book!

Expand Your Sushi Repertoire

In a study done by GrubHub, they determined the most popular sushi rolls in heavily populated cities compared to the rest of the United States. We’ve included some rolls that we think should be popular everywhere if more people knew about them!

  • Spicy Tuna/Crunchy Spicy Tuna – basically this is the next step from the classic roll and we’re pretty sure a lot of you will never be able to eat the classic again. Yeah, it’s that good.
  • Negi Hamachi – is a unique roll with young yellowtail fish chopped into a roll with scallions. If the yellowtail fish is older, sometimes the roll is referred to as amberjack.
  • Salmon Tempura – each restaurant has their own variations, but they always include deep fried salmon on the inside of the roll.
  • Lion King – a heavenly roll that is an easy transition from the normal, the roll is a California roll on bottom with baked salmon and sauce on top
  • Spicy Crunchy Shrimp – deep fry some shrimp, wrap it up and add a rich, spicy sauce to get this delectable fish treat

We hope this blog made you as hungry as it made us! We don’t know what your plans are but you’re more than welcome to join us for sushi and try something new at Kioku’s Asian Bistro in Huntsville, Texas. That’s where we’ll be chowing down! Call today to make a reservation.