In just one lunch, you could slow down the aging process, strengthen your bones, supply your body with necessary nutrients, and manage a healthy weight.

If this sounds like we’re asking you to spend your next lunch break at the doctor, then you’re going to be pleasantly surprised. No doctor here today.

We invite you to our sushi bar in Huntsville, Kioku Asian Bistro. Come on in for some delicious and healthy sushi that is swimming with benefits.

Slow Down Appearances of Aging

In general, fish has a way of extending years on your life without adding stress to your face. Fish oil contains the nutritious contents that moisturize and replenish your youthful glow. With a few tasty bites of a sushi roll, you’re packing your body with omega-3 fatty acids. These are known to reduce inflammation, which is what can cause an unnecessarily wrinkled look in the skin.

Strengthen Bones

Along with omega-3 fatty acids, fish is packed with calcium. Gone are the days of relying on milk as your only source of calcium intake. Calcium, along with other minerals found in fish, ensures your bones retain their density and strength.

Increase Nutrient Supply

One key ingredient in most sushi rolls is seaweed. This green goddess of an ingredient is essential, not only for the taste, but for the nutrients that are packed inside. Though seaweed can be high in sodium, it is stacked with enough vitamins and nutrients to provide a nice counter to the salt. Munching on seaweed means giving your body:

  • Vitamin A – good for vision, immune health, and reproduction
  • Vitamin C – helps with tissue growth, repair, and development
  • Vitamin E – takes care of skin
  • Vitamin K – supplements bone health and healing
  • Niacin – improves healthy cholesterol levels
  • Pantothenic Acid – helps the body turn food into energy
  • Phosphorus and Calcium – regulates bone health and strengthens cell structure
  • Riboflavin – spurs growth
  • Folate – aids in the production of DNA
  • Iron – carries oxygen through the body
  • Magnesium – optimizes and regulates nerve function and muscle use
  • Manganese – contributes to brain function, carb and fat metabolism, and bone formation

Manage A Healthy Weight

All these nutrients and vitamins that are packed into sushi are not the only healthy element to this lunch choice. Fish is one of the healthiest proteins and meats because it is mostly free of unhealthy and fatty oils, which helps prevent the accumulation of bad cholesterol. When a lunch date is key to getting you through your work day or maintaining your social life, don’t feel obligated to break your diet or weight goals. Choose sushi. Your taste buds and diet will thank you. Plus, then you don’t have to be *that friend* who orders a salad while everyone else gorges out. You can all munch on some beautiful sushi together.

These are just a few quick benefits that you get to enjoy when you take your lunch break at Kioku and eat some sushi rolls. We can keep things simple with the classic rolls, or you can take things up a notch in both flavor and presentation and order a specialty roll or platter.

Check out our food menu, and then stop on by Kioku Asian Bistro for a tasty lunch with our sushi bar.