Our Daily Specials

When your stomach is grumbling, there is really only one thing to do — eat a delicious meal! Though there are plenty of edible options in your area, there are no sushi restaurants that can compare to our deals and the quality of our food. If you are craving Asian cuisine, Kioku Asian Bistro is the best place to be! Here, we offer a variety of meal options, along with specials to coincide with them. So, not only will you be able to quiet your gurgling belly, but you will be able to save some money in the process — who doesn’t like the sound of that? Sink your teeth into our delicious cuisine and see why so many people love Kioku Asian Bistro!

Your Go-To Asian Bistro

Be sure to always take a look on our site and catch our specials. We adjust our specials regularly, so don’t miss out. By using our specialty coupons, you will be able to save money on all of your favorite dishes. No matter whether you are eating here for lunch, a dinner-date, or a family gathering, you can take advantage of our specials. This way, you can get more delectable dishes for less!

How Does it Work?

So, are you interested in our deals? Well, using our coupons is easier than ever! At Kioku Asian Bistro, all you have to do is show your server our official coupons (posted below). You can either print, screen-shot, or show your server this coupon to receive your benefits. It really is that easy! Utilize our deals to get more for less and visit our restaurant. At Kioku, you are offered a wide selection of Asian foods, from Japanese cuisine to Thai food options and even traditional Chinese dishes. Visit Kioku Asian Bistro today and use one of our specialized coupons today!