If you love Asian food, chances are that you probably have a bottle of soy sauce in your pantry that gets used only every once in a while. The most common use for soy sauce that everyone thinks of is always sushi but we’re here to say there’s a whole world of deliciously salty possibilities awaiting you and your soy sauce!

Enhance Flavor

Most chefs will tell you a popular trick of the trade is to substitute soy sauce for salt in certain circumstances (like roasting nuts). It enhances the flavor without sacrificing the saltiness.

Flavor It!

Infuse your soy sauce so that each bite is a combination of flavors, instead of just a bite of salt. It’s suggested you cut the sauce with water and then infuse however you want! Garlic, roasted pepper, onions, ginger, ponzu, or a mixture of all! It doesn’t matter, it’ll all be delicious.

Egg-cellent Breakfast

Instead of taking a risk by pouring salt into your eggs while they’re cooking in the pan, add some drops of soy sauce into your raw eggs from the beginning. Looking for a gluten-free option? Use tamari sauce! You’ll get all the same flavor with none of the gluten.

Marinate In It

Make what must be considered the world’s fastest and easiest marinade with soy sauce. Take your meat, soak it for 25 minutes in soy sauce at room temperature and you’ve got a delightful dinner.

Be Buttery

That’s right! A blend of butter and soy sauce is the heaven your tastebuds didn’t know they needed. The secret is to melt one part soy sauce and two parts softened butter for the ultimate sauce on your potatoes, veggies, dinner rolls, or whatever else you think could benefit from both butter and salt.

Sweet & Salty

Our favorite option for soy sauce is to blend it with molasses. Boil equal parts molasses and soy sauce until it’s syrupy. Boom! The perfect sweet and salty syrup for stews, meats, and more.

All of these ways to use soy sauce are really cool but maybe you’re just in the mood for traditional Asian cuisine. Come over to Kioku Asian Bistro for the best Asian and sushi in Huntsville!