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We have all felt hunger, as well as that rumbling feeling in our bellies. When this happens, you have to find food or risk the likelihood of the dreaded “hangries.” This, of course, means that you are so hungry, that you start feeling cranky at the people around you. Well, at Kioku Asian Bistro we have the perfect cures for your hangries, plenty of delicious Asian dishes. No matter what you are craving, our bistro has a collection of dishes that are sure to curb your appetite.
In this blog, we will discuss the variety of foods we serve, our specials, as well as our meal deals. Here, at Kioku Asian Bistro, you can dine on delicious dishes that are good for your stomach and your wallet. Visit us today!

Japanese Cuisine

Our bistro is lucky to have such skilled chefs; they can prepare meals from areas all over the Asian continent. However, we are most pleased with our Japanese cuisine. With artful precision, or chefs are able to construct beautiful pieces of culinary art. And, though the presentation is something to marvel at, the taste of our sushi is very satisfying as well. Our sushi bar is well equipped to handle the most complicated sushi rolls, and included many different types of sushi and added ingredients.
Also, if your stomach is rumbling, but you want to maintain a healthy diet, sushi is a great alternative. Sushi rolls are filled with veggies and fish-meat, which will offer you protein and nutrients. Unlike other lunch specials, ours, at Kioku Asian Bistro, offers healthier meal alternatives. If you are craving Japanese cuisine, we have some delicious items for you to try.

Chinese Cuisine

If you are not wanting Japanese cuisine, we still want to eat an Asian-style genre of meal, Kioku Asian Bistro offers hot, made-to-order Chinese dishes. If you are craving classic Chinese food, Kioku Asian Bistro has plenty to offer you. Whether you would like orange chicken to beef with broccoli, our kitchen will be able to cook you something truly mouthwatering. Best of all, at our restaurant, you don’t have to stand in line at your local Panda Express. Instead, you can have a seat comfortably, and eat a Chinese meal that has real quality. After all, if you are going to spend money, why spend on sub-par Chinese food, when you can order authentic cuisine at your local Asian bistro?

Thai Cuisine

If for some reason you aren’t feeling in the mood for Chinese or Japanese food, not to worry. At Kioku Asian Bistro, we also serve various Thai dishes as well. What makes our restaurant so unique is that we can prepare all of these genres of foods without sacrificing mastery or flavor. For instance, not many restaurants are able to produce high-quality cuisine from three different regions. In most cases, places of business can produce one very tasty form of cuisine and the rest fall sort. Not with Kioku Asian Bistro! We pride ourselves on our ability to be able to master Thai, Japanese, and Chinese cuisines. So, no matter what you are craving, you can count on tasting authentic dishes from those regions.

Specials We Offer

We understand that work can be stressful, and sometimes, you want to treat yourself to a nice lunch. Because of this, we have thought ahead and created our lunch specials. With these special offers, you and your friends and family can dine with us at our bistro! Our specials include a family meal under $50 as well as a buy three rolls, get the four free (of equal or lesser value). With these options, you, your family, friends, or work associates can feast on a delicious meal for lunch or dinner. Our specials were created to make dining out for lunch or dinner much easier and affordable. This is just one more way Kioku Asian Bistro strives to offer its customers a better, more convenient dining experience.

Kioku Asian Bistro in Huntsville, TX

At Kioku Asian Bistro, we are proud to serve the Huntsville area. Asian cuisine is tasty, health-conscious, and, at our bistro, affordable. If you are interested in filling your belly with mouth-watering platters of food, stop by our Huntsville location. We are happy to serve you, so visit us today!