What to Eat in Asian Cuisine When On a Diet

So you’re on a diet? Well, don’t lose hope, there are still delicious things you can eat that are within your dietary needs. Though burgers and fries might be off the table, there are other kinds of food you can indulge in. For one, Asian cuisine is one of the most dietary foods you can eat. And, with the right kind of meal, you will be able to keep the weight off and still eat delicious food.

In this blog, we will be discussing the foods you should and should not eat in an Asian Bistro. AT Kioku Asian Bistro, we have a wide variety of different kinds of cuisine options. From Japanese, Chinese, to Thai, we have a spectrum of delectable Asian foods.

Salon and Tuna are Your New Best Friends

For anyone on a diet, salmon and tuna are two amazing food items for your health. Don’t believe us? Carol Ann Rinzler, of Nutrition for Dummies, suggests that salmon or tuna sushi rolls are the ideal items to order while on a diet. Why? Well, according to Ms. Rinzler, salmon rolls are the ultimate low-calorie meal, as they are only 40 calories per ounce. Tuna rolls as well, are only 42 calories per ounce. This is important to remember, especially if you are looking for a low-calorie meal for lunch or dinner.
What is even more advantageous about these types of sushi rolls is that they offer vitamins and proteins for the body. Fish offers the body omega-3 vitamins that help protect the heart and boost brain power. Fish also offers a dose of vitamin D, which so happens to be a nutrient to aid in weight loss!

Wasabi Cures Cancer?

Wasabi is in no way a cure for cancer, yet studies have gathered that it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help combat cancerous cells. Aside from this, wasabi can also be used to help slow blood clotting. Now, you might think, “How can this pungent radish be so beneficial to my health?” Wasabi isn’t just a way to reduce your risk of cancer or a stroke, it can also be used as a cure for sicknesses like the flu! The downside? Wasabi, real wasabi, is pretty rare. Only a few people in the world grow real, genuine wasabi. Most of the time, the wasabi you think you are eating is actually just horseradish. Though, of course, horseradish, too, has its health benefits.

Don’t Crunch Under Pressure

Some people assume that if they order vegetable tempura they are being healthy. This is wrong, in fact, vegetable tempura is worse for you because it provides no protein and has plenty of fat and grease. So, you not only are going to be hungry in an hour, but you will have eaten something fattening and bad for your health. Even crunchy sushi rolls are not a good idea. It is best to stick with this rule: if it is fried, don’t eat it. Trust us, if you want to adhere to your planned diet, crunch rolls won’t fulfill your wishes and only make you hungry and cranky. When it comes to dieting, choosing meals with lean meats and veggies arfe best.

Grilled, Steamed, or Raw, Oh My!

As stated above, it is best to eat lean meats that have not been fried or smothered in sugary sauce. When eating Asain cuisine, opting for steamed veggies and grilled or raw fish is best. Sashimi is an ideal choice if you would like to eat a meal that doesn’t have added carbs or fattening sauces. Sashimi is just pieces of raw fish that are served without rice or extra fattening ingredients.

Ask About Your Rice Options

Sometimes it is best to ask the waiter or waitress what your options are. As you might recognize, most pieces of sushi are crafted with white sticky rice. However, there are types of rice you can have your sushi made out of. For example, brown rice (if available) can be fashioned into sushi rolls or ordered as a side dish. If you cannot help by eating a bowl of rice with your meal, brown rice is an ideal alternative to white rice. Brown rice is a good source of fiber, as well as, but is not limited to, manganese, selenium, and magnesium.

Stick with Sticks

Part of the main issue with American eating habits is that we eat too fast and too much. One of the best ways to limit how much you are eating is to take your time! Chopsticks are a great way to limit how fast you are stuffing your face.

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