It is rare that you will find a restaurant that specializes in so many genres of cuisines. At Kioku Asian Bistro, we specialize in a variety of Asian foods, from Chinese cuisine to Thai entrees to Japanese specialties. From sushi rolls to wontons, Kioku Asian Bistro is here to satisfy any of your cravings — and at a great price!

“Kioku” in Japanese means, a memory or recollection of something. Our business strives to provide our customers with delicious foods that build memorable experiences. It is our hope that by coming to our bistro, you will have an enjoyable meal that you will want to have again and again.

Aside from giving our customers a culinary experience they are unlikely to forget, we hope that our food can also provoke memories as well. If you have good memories eating Asian cuisine, from your childhood or family gatherings, we strive to give you authentic meals that make you recollect those happy memories.

Our food is not the only way to enjoy your experience at our sushi bar and bistro! We have friendly, attentive staff that can help you understand our food specials, as well as get you anything you need to enhance your dining experience. Because we have such great customer service, our bistro can be memorable in both the taste of our food, and by the way you are cared for and treated while in our restaurant.

We have a five-man team that is able to construct beautiful plates, all featuring gorgeous and original culinary designs. Together, all five of them represent over 50 years of cooking and food preparation mastery. If you are looking for a dining experience that has expert chefs, impeccable service, delicious cuisine, and a breath-taking ambiance, Kioku Asian Bistro has what you need. Contact our business today for a delivery order or a reservation.