Welcome to Kioku Asian Bistro!

At our restaurant, you will be able to taste the spectacular flavors of regions all over the Asian continent. Our restaurant is different from others, in that, we serve a collection of Japanese, Chinese, and Thai cuisine. It is rare you will ever receive so many culinary options from several different countries in one place.

Aside from our food’s diversity, the quality of our food is hard to beat. Whether you are wanting to sink your teeth into a spring roll or chow down on a bento box, we have delicious menu items that are sure to satisfy.

When choosing a restaurant to eat at, it is difficult to pick just one genre of food. And, it is especially difficult to find a business that excels in each of these types of foods. Luckily for you, Kioku Asian Bistro is well-versed in all of these cuisine options and can prepare you a meal unlike any other. If you are ever craving sushi, but would like a Vietnamese spring roll, Kioku can satisfy your hunger!

And, if you would like the benefits of a top sushi menu, but don’t want the hassle of sitting down at the restaurant, our Asian bistro offers sushi to-go and delivery options. So, if you are ever hungry for sushi rolls to Chinese orange chicken, Kioku Asian Bistro can delivery any of your purchased meals!

If you are interested in ordering a meal for take-out, delivery, or would like a sit-down lunch or dinner, Kioku is perfect for you. Our sushi bar offers top-quality fish, presented with artistic flair and unique design. And, if you aren’t in the mood for raw fish, we also have a collection of soups, salads, and Chinese hot dishes that are very tasty as well. Contact us today!